Attractive Accents

A fabulous handbag that pulls your whole outfit together. That interesting piece of art in your foyer that starts the conversation. The unique accent chair that fits perfectly in your unused corner in your bedroom. What do these things all have in common? They are all small, but extremely important pieces, that help pull an overall look together. Accent chairs are an imperative category to consider when designing your space. Every room can benefit from an accent chair: bedrooms, living rooms, entryways, basements and more. Not only do they look great, they add additional seating, can change positions easily, and are a great utility player. There are many styles, shapes, and seats to consider when looking at accent chairs. Swivel chairs are an extremely popular type of accent chair, for many reasons. Swivel chairs are chairs that sit on a swivel base. They can be as simple as a desk chair or as ornate as an upholstered arm chair. Swivel chairs are extremely comfortable because of our tendency to want to naturally sway when seated. Swivel chairs are also a wonderful option for open floor plans because their mobility lends to conversation. Some swivel chairs also glide, which makes viewing televisions easy because you get to glide backwards and forwards while maintaining a level elevation. Given the benefits of swivel chairs, I like to place them in living rooms, formal seating areas and smaller spaces, where versatility is needed. Wing chairs are a dramatic option when looking into accent chairs. These high-backed arm chairs have sheltered “wings” at the top. In fact, wing chairs were initially designed to be placed toward the fireplace and block cold drafts. Although extremely sheltered wing chairs are still an option, the style has relaxed and we are seeing more streamlined, modern versions of this classic silhouette. Wing chairs generally have a taller back, making them very comfortable for people with larger and taller frames. They fit well in rooms with tall ceilings, because of the height of the chair. Wing chairs work especially well with oversized sofas and/ or sectionals, because they add a nice balance to larger pieces. Outside of traditional seating areas, wing chairs look great as host and hostess chairs at the end of a large dining table. Although fabrics and patterns are definitely an option on wing chairs, I prefer wing chairs finished in leather with nail-head accents. I feel wing chairs need a bold covering to truly give them the drama they deserve. Speaking of drama, statement chairs are another consideration when looking at accent chairs that transcend multiple categories of chairs. Statement chairs can technically be swivels, wing chairs, barrel chairs, and more; basically a statement chair is any chair with a defined silhouette, scale or color that makes an impact. Statement chairs should be interesting enough to spark a conversation. Statement chairs can be a mix of fabric, leather, and mixed materials, like metal or wood. Due to their unique characteristics, statement chairs should be placed in an area where they can be spotlighted, like an entryway, in front of a window, or in a dark, dead corner area that needs some excitement. Statement chairs are my favorite type of accent chair because you can have an incredible amount of fun with their design. Swivels, wing chairs and statement chairs are just a few of the many options available when looking at accent chairs. These tried and true frames are all excellent ways to fill the void currently haunting your space. At 5th & Main Furniture by Freed’s, we have numerous options when it comes to accent chairs. You can choose more simplified options that you can purchase directly off the floor, or we can design and produce whatever accent chair your heart desires. We hope to help with your attractive accents soon!