Designer Floors by Anderson Tuftex

At Freed’s Floors, we have flooring for everyone. Whether you are looking for budget friendly styles, a floor that brings look and value, or high-end design options, Freed’s has a floor for that. We are especially proud of the selection we have for mid-upper end carpet and hardwood that fulfills your interior design desires. Anderson Tuftex is a flooring brand unlike any other. Products are made to last and designs are on trend, yet timeless. Freed’s Floors has a huge selection of Anderson Tuftex hardwoods and carpet for you to see, touch, feel, sample, and make your own. If you think these stunning images are droolworthy, you must stop in to Freed’s Floors to experience Anderson Tuftex in person. First and foremost, Anderson Tuftex constructs floors that are designed with intention and crafted with care. These products are built to last and hold up against everyday wear and tear. As noted earlier, there are two branches to Anderson Tuftex: hardwood and carpet. These hardwoods are a thing of beauty. To start, each hardwood is designed with thought and intention. Although styles are very current, ideas of heritage and legacy are behind every design. The A/T lineup is broad and varied. Species of hardwood include hickory, maple, oak and walnut, which all perform extremely well in our drier climate. In addition to sturdy species, A/T offers engineered or solid options up to ¾” thick. This means Anderson Tuftex hardwood is extremely durable. Plank width also comes in many varieties; you can select an option as narrow as 3 ¼” or as wide as 8 ½”, depending on your personal preference. What really speaks to me, however, are the finishes. Anderson Tuftex does a fantastic job with stains. Colors are extremely rich and crisp and the options for finishes are like none other. Whether you prefer a polished finish or a matte finish, this brand has it perfected. You can even select metallic finishes, showing a beautiful sheen and depth on each plank. The possibilities in the Anderson Tuftex collection are endless. The other side to Anderson Tuftex is carpet. Hardwood and carpet go hand in hand. Yes, hard surface flooring is definitely a growing category in the world of flooring. Nevertheless, carpet still plays a huge and important role in residential flooring. Personally, I prefer hardwood in common areas –like the kitchen, living room, entryway, etc. However, there is something extremely cozy about stepping out of bed onto carpet in the mornings and a cozy carpet retreat in basement family rooms. Beyond wall-to-wall carpet, area rugs are a necessity to protect hardwood in the aforementioned living rooms and entryways. The Design Team at Anderson Tuftex weaves together their designs to ensure the styles of hardwood have attractive cousins in the world of carpet, making your design process complementary and simple. Again, quality is key with A/T carpets. Styles are made from high-end ingredients, custom-dyed fibers and are constructed to be stain resistant, meaning A/T carpet will wear well in high-traffic areas. Beyond quality, Anderson Tuftex delivers on their designer looks. Whether you are looking for big, bold and bright patterns, or subtle, monochromatic selections, A/T has you covered. I don’t know about you, but when I make a decision for new flooring, I only want to do it once. Carpet and hardwood from Anderson Tuftex is built to last. The tough part will be narrowing your selection down to one style! When you flip through the options available from both of these lines, your creative juices will start flowing. Of course, Freed’s Floors’ team of Expert Design Specialists are here to help with your product selection, provide a free in-home measurement and estimate, and manage the installation of your project. We have large samples of all hardwood and carpet from Anderson Tuftex and invite you in to check these samples out and see how they look in your home. We promise, these floors will bring you joy for years to come.