Flooring Trends to Look For

Tackling your next flooring project can be a daunting task. What you like today might not be a style you like in the next two, five, or ten years. Trends come and go, however, certain trends are timeless. I’m going to focus on the top three flooring trends that I anticipate looking fresh for years to come.

PATTERNED FLOORING IS DOMINATING AND WILL CONTINUE TO DOMINATE Patterned flooring has been a trend on the rise for the last eighteen months. First, we experienced a resurgence in patterned carpet; new designs are being introduced by our manufacturers daily. Large, bold patterns, such as stripes, geometrics, and trellis patterns are excellent ways to make a statement in smaller areas. These oversized prints work very well in home offices, bedrooms, as area rugs, or as stair runners. Smaller, subtler patterns, such as glen checks, herringbones, and Berbers do a nice job of filling larger spaces. I like to utilize smaller patterns in basement living rooms, formal living rooms, theatre rooms, etc. In addition to carpet, patterns are making a splash in ceramic, porcelain, glass, and mixed media tiles. Encaustic and geometric tiles are becoming hugely popular. Encaustic tiles are ceramic tiles that have been constructed using different colors of clay (versus different colors of glaze). By using different colors of clay, tiles can be constructed using clear patterns and highly saturated colors. Sometimes, with a glaze, the colors tend to run together. We are using encaustic tiles primarily for backsplashes, however, they can be used to add interest to smaller rooms, like laundry rooms and half-baths. Geometric tiles are also on the rise. Hexagons, rhombus shapes, circles, and oversized rectangles are a few of the more popular trends. Geometric ceramic tiles, mixed with elements such as glass and metal, are also interesting touches that we expect to be around for the long haul.

LUXURY VINYL TILE IS HERE TO STAY Luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile is a trend in flooring that is— most definitely—here to stay. If you are not familiar, luxury vinyl is a product made out of multiple layers of vinyl. It looks like real wood or stone, however, it provides extremely practical benefits that real wood and stone do not. Luxury vinyl is water resistant, quiet, slip resistant, and warm. It comes in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and effects. In addition, it is often a more costeffective form of flooring.

Luxury vinyl can be glued down to a sub-floor, however, a rising trend in luxury vinyl is a click-together, tongue and groove system that actually “floats” over your existing floor. Click-together luxury vinyl is fairly simple to install (for the DIY-er in your life), but Freed’s Floors also has a team of professional installers to help you, every step of the way. One of the main benefits of a clicktogether product is the thickness of the vinyl tile and the attached pad that comes on the back. The thick product keeps the floor quiet (so you don’t hear the “hollow” sounds of laminate’s past) and the attached pad adds a nice layer of cushion.

HARDWOOD IS TAKING A WALK ON THE LIGHTER SIDE Hardwood is an excellent choice for your floor coverings. Nothing beats the natural beauty that is found within a real hardwood floor. For years, darker stains were making their way on to hardwood, however, lighter stains are dominating as the current trend and we expect to see this continue. A lighter stain lets the natural beauty of the hardwood show through. Graining in woods such as hickory, European oak, maple, and acacia is stunning. Letting the grain be the star of the show is what we like to see. Unfortunately, with any hardwood, the stain will lighten with time and sun exposure. However, when a stain is already light, sun exposure is a little more forgiving than it is on darker stained woods. In addition to lighter stains, we are seeing larger width planks and do expect this trend to continue.

Whatever the current trend in flooring may be, Freed’s Floors is guaranteed to have it. We invite you in to our 23,000 square foot show room where you can see, touch, and feel thousands of beautiful flooring options available to you. Of course, our expert flooring staff is with you every step of the way. We hope to see you soon!