This spring, the Merchandising Team at Ashley HomeStore attended a market specifically for new, Ashley product. I must say, the product introductions were astonishingly beautiful. Ashley is consistently delivering high-end, designer, on-trend looks at reasonable prices, meaning you can design the home you have been dreaming of, without breaking the bank! A few, consistent trends always seem to surface at Markets. This year, Ashley proudly introduced monochromatic looks, small-space living options, and ready to assemble furniture.

Ashley is moving forward with monochromatic looks. This was evident in living room groups, bedroom groups, dining sets, and in accessories. Personally, I like monochromatic design. It feels calm, relaxing and collected. There are a few things to consider when attempting this style: start small, add texture, and neutrals are your friend. It is important to start with one room at a time when updating to monochromatic design. Take an individual living room, for example, and update the furniture, area rug, artwork and accessories to get started. Like what you see? Move on to more permanent changes next, like paint, flooring and lighting. Texture plays a very important role in monochromatic design. It’s imperative to mix medias and blend fabrics with leather, metal accents, wood finishes, etc. Finally, neutrals are your friend. Of course, you can go bold with a monochromatic color scheme (think all blues or reds) but when you are just getting started, I would recommend starting with a neutral palette, such as gray, taupe or greige.

Another introduction this Market featured options for small-space living. In home design, we are seeing a general shift to smaller space living. It makes sense: smaller spaces mean less expense, less to maintain, and less waste. However, it can be challenging to find furniture that fits these smaller footprints. New furniture and home accessories from Ashley HomeStore help you maximize your space. Many living room groups, dining sets, and occasional tables have been scaled down to fit nicely in your petite abode. In addition, it is helpful to incorporate smaller items that are more versatile. For example, consider using a coffee table that lifts up for a storage space to hold your odds and ends. You could also get creative with a living room sofa that folds into a daybed for guests. With small-space furniture, you want it to fit and you want it to function.

A third introduction we see Ashley going into is ready to assemble furniture. What is this, you ask? Pretty much what it sounds like – furniture that can be easily assembled, by you, at home! I know what you are thinking, “Oh gosh – this is going to be like Ikea where there are hundreds of screws and minimal instruction,” but honestly, Ashley’s ready to assemble furniture goes together in a snap, literally. The furniture is being manufactured in a way that allows you to build the furniture into its final product using minimal hardware and tools. It’s quick and easy…seriously. Plus, the furniture is very compact when dis-assembled. For example, a complete dresser is shipped in a small, compact box, meaning you can purchase it, throw it in the back of your car, and be on your way. Plus, as if easy to assemble and easy to move furniture isn’t enticing enough, the pricing on the ready to assemble furniture is very reasonable! You can completely re-do an entire room for very little investment. Ashley is starting small, but they are quickly building to offer a little bit of everything as ready to assemble options, including sofas, chairs, dining sets, beds, dressers, nightstands and more.

Ashley HomeStore Markets are very inspiring because Ashley is truly at the fore-front of interior design, innovation, and function. It is always exciting to see what sort of furniture solutions they come up with to pass along to you! Above all else, Ashley continues to offer their products at extreme values. We invite you in to our beautiful Ashley HomeStore showroom to explore the options available to you. New items from Market should be trickling in any day now!