Furniture Market Features and Finds

Erin here—from 5th & Main Furniture by Freed’s. We recently made our Fall trip to High Point, North Carolina, for furniture market! For those not familiar with market, an entire city in North Carolina (High Point) is filled with furniture, accessories, and lighting vendors that are set up for us to shop the most unique, beautiful pieces to bring to Rapid City. We’re literally talking meandering our way through hundreds of thousands of square feet of home furnishings showrooms. Comfortable shoes are a requirement!

Generally, we see common themes across all showrooms from numerous manufacturers. The last few markets have consisted of tone on tone designs—specifically in shades of gray. Trends have consisted of gray, medium gray, dark gray, platinum, greige, silver, nickel, chrome, gunmetal, slate, ash…you name a color of gray, we have seen it. There was a pivotal shift at this market: COLOR is back! I love gray as much as the next gal, but let’s face it: my personality and style screams for color.

Interestingly, not a single color rose to the top as queen. Rather, colors from the full spectrum were ablaze in every showroom. The one consistency: rich, saturated, and true colors were on full display. It was interesting to see that muted colors have taken a back seat to strong, lively colors. What’s more interesting is how we were seeing colors paired up in interior design applications. Complementary colors took a seat at the table this market. What are those, you ask? Complementary colors are colors directly opposite each other in the color spectrum. For example: red and green, blue and orange, purple and yellow, and so forth. When combined, the effect is striking. Personally, I’m drawn to a high contract in colors, however, it’s something you need to love before committing to.

The best application of complementary colors is on items that can be changed easily. When thinking of the blank canvas that is your living room, consider building a space consisting of fairly neutral sofas, chairs, and loveseats. Bring complementary colors in through occasional tables, area rugs, accessories, throw pillows and wall art. With this approach, you can easily change up the colors you want to live with.

The Merchandising Team at 5th & Main Furniture by Freed’s definitely invested in some COLORFUL pieces this market. We can’t wait until they make it to Rapid City. Please stop in to 5th & Main Furniture by Freed’s, in downtown Rapid City. You MUST see the fiesta of color that is making it to our floor. New items are coming in daily and the store is always being refreshed! We can’t wait to design your home around your favorite color!