Home Design for the Holidays

The holidays are in full swing and it is an especially special time of month for us at 5th & Main Furniture by Freed’s. Earlier this fall, the Design Team at Freed’s was asked to decorate a home for the annual “Home for the Holidays” tour, hosted by the Black Hills Symphony League. This tour serves as the key fundraiser for the Black Hills Symphony, a wonderful organization present in the Black Hills community. The home Freed’s decorated showcases an open and airy floor plan, with dramatic ceilings and an overall transitional interior design. Our Design Team wanted to take a more casual, yet sophisticated, approach to our holiday design. Rather than choosing a dominate, traditional Christmas color to design around, the team at Freed’s approached with a softer, subtler palette. We committed to metallics in silver, gold and bronze. We accented with organic colors in natural evergreen and snow white. The only punch of accent color we incorporated was navy blue, which is also the predominate accent color existing in the home. Every square inch of the home turned out beautifully, however, our favorite areas turned out to be the dining table, elegant staircase, and, of course, the magical Christmas tree. Setting the perfect dining table was an extremely fun part of the project. Often times, Christmas is the only time families gather around their formal dining table, so why not do it up big? The main showstopper of this table-scape was the beautiful floral arrangement by Flowers by LeRoy. The piece added color, height, drama, and a natural element to the overall table scape. Smaller, floral arrangements, in white and cream flanked each side of the main floral piece. Each place setting was framed with gold, glitter placemats, gold and cream dishes, and casual tea towels (in lieu of more formal cloth napkins). We were eclectic with our drinkware, incorporating beautiful crystal goblets, metallic wine glasses, and the homeowner’s cobalt aperitif glasses. The main level flows openly to the second level in the home, which is accessed by a dramatic staircase that is on full display. For this area, 5th & Main Furniture by Freed’s adorned hundreds of individual poinsettia florals in cream, gold, silver, and bronze to the base of the railing. The florals were back-lit by small, twinkling Christmas lights. This created a soft, glowing touch to the rather dramatic floral collage. The Christmas tree was the main focus of the home. Its placement made it visible from almost every viewpoint. The elves from 5th & Main Furniture loaded the tree with spectacular ribbons, small and large ornaments, lights, decorative foliage, and poinsettias. We started from the inside of the tree and worked our way out. This made the tree feel full and substantially decorated. We also decorated heavily toward the top of the tree and let everything else cascade down from there. The overall result turned out beautifully and really was the star of the show. Although Christmas design isn’t something we usually focus on, decorating this home allowed our Design Specialists to show their wide range of talent and ability. Whether you are freshening up for the holidays, looking to start your next remodeling project, or simply wanting to replace a worn-out chair, we invite you to come meet with the Design Specialists at 5th & Main Furniture by Freed’s. We look forward to working with you!