Home on the Range

Farmhouse design has been a style trend that has been gaining popularity for a few years, now. However, I feel farmhouse style is reaching its pinnacle and the options available for home furnishings is the best it has ever been. The key to a successful farmhouse design is creating a warm, cozy, relaxing space that isn’t country-kitschy. Ashley HomeStore has an entire offering of furniture, accessories, and lighting devoted to exemplary farmhouse design. There are three rules I live by, when designing farmhouses: tone on tone color is a must, modern elements need to be incorporated, and practicality rules.

What I like best about farmhouse design is the comfortable and calming living space it provides. This is achieved, in large part, with neutral, tone on tone colors. Creams, grays, greiges, and taupes are all colors I associate with a home on the range. Layering differing shades of these colors creates an idyllic, warm haven of a living space. Bold, strong colors, like reds, royal blues, and greens does not a farmhouse make. If you do want to incorporate a color, try soft colors like blush, soft blues, or muted yellows. Even then, use these colors sparingly. The beauty in farmhouse is often times the absence of color.

Another rule to live by when going for a farmhouse décor: take a walk on the modern side. Modern farmhouse is the blending of traditional elements, with modern design styles, such as clean lines, industrial touches, and mixed metal colors. Modern farmhouse makes your style more timeless
and less cookie-cutter. Pairing a unique milk crate you have turned into a cocktail table, with a transitional, track-arm, slouched sofa screams high design. It’s all about striking the balance of rustic, organic touches, with furnishings and décor that is currently trending.

Above all else, farmhouse style should be practical. Think about its origins: true farmhouses were decorated with whatever was on hand and durable. You want to live in your farmhouse. Stay away from anything too delicate or precious. You want your farmhouse elements to feel hardy, yet sophisticated.

No other furniture brand has achieved a better farmhouse offering than Ashley HomeStore. Ashley’s new line, mane + mason™, has living room furniture, dining furniture, bedroom furniture, accessories, and lighting devoted to any farmhouse style you are after. Whether you are constantly
tweaking your current farmhouse, or just getting started on your farmhouse design, you must visit us as Ashley HomeStore. We have full vignettes set up with area rugs, accessories, and lighting for every room
in your farmhouse home.