Investing in Indulgences

At Furniture Mart, soon to be 5th & Main by Freed’s, we often get the question: is this furniture really worth the money? The answer: it depends. When planning out a room for furniture, I envision each piece and think rationally on what is “disposable” and what should be invested in. This approach will help spread dollars across your budget, meaning you can get the best performance out of your furniture, without breaking the bank.

When looking at the space you want to design, the majority of your dollars should go to items
being used most. These include staple items like sofas, chairs, and mattresses. You should select pieces that provide superior performance and comfort, while setting the foundation for your overall design. Let’s start with the most used piece of furniture in your home: the mattress. Consider this: if you are lucky enough to be averaging the recommended eight hours of sleep each night, you will spend roughly 25 years on your mattress over a lifetime! Really there are two types of mattress people: those who like memory foam and those who don’t. At Furniture Mart, we cater to both with Serta and Aireloom mattresses. Serta is the leader in foam. An all-foam mattress, or a mattress that mixes foam with inner-spring coils, will drastically improve your spine and hip alignment. Foam also aids less tossing and turning, meaning you drift off into deep, restorative sleep more quickly and for longer periods of time.

Those who opt for inner-spring mattresses must choose superior quality. Aireloom mattresses
are crafted from the finest materials: silk, cotton, wool, and latex. Want to sleep on a cloud? Get an Aireloom mattress. Each mattress is handmade, meaning quality control and detail goes into each piece. Next to mattresses, living room furniture—specifically chairs, recliners and sofas—make up the second most-used category of furniture in your home. Whether you prefer leather or fabric, stationary or reclining, each piece of furniture you sit on should provide support, feel wonderful, and last the test of time.

Furniture Mart proudly offers IMG by Norway chairs and recliners. Simply put, these chairs are
incredible. Each chair is constructed from luxurious leather, memory foam and steel. They are also stressless, meaning they conform to and cradle your body, alleviating pressure points. The chair frame is made from heavy steel which is put into a mold that resembles the finished product. Liquid foam is poured into the mold where it cures to the steel frame.

The benefit of this labor intensive construction results in a continuous piece of foam; it will not shift or settle over time. The chairs are finished with top-grain leather. Each style of chair comes in small, medium and large sizes. Just as the right fitting shoes feel good on your feet, the right fitting chair feels good on your body. High-end sofas, loveseats and sectionals are also a necessary indulgence. The benefits of high quality items are comfort and support in addition to customization options of fabrics and styles. We certainly recommend investing in brands with solid wood frames, high-density foam cushions and hand-tied steel cushion supports. This superior construction will add years to the lifespan of your furniture. We hope this helps get the ball rolling in your mind about furniture items to invest in.

We invite you to visit Furniture Mart, soon to be 5th & Main by Freed’s, to try out these heirloom pieces. We promise you will be impressed by the amazing comfort, quality, and design of our furniture. Of course, our staff is here to help you every step of the way with their expert knowledge of what indulgence is worthy of your investment.