Lodge Living

We are extremely fortunate to live in an area as beautiful as the Black Hills. Stunning homes are tucked throughout the Northern and Southern Hills. Whether these quaint mountain retreats are your permanent home or a cabin getaway, furnishing your home in a style that matches its surroundings is always a good idea.

Lodge furniture is an excellent design style for mountain homes. It is the easiest way to bring the outside in. Surprisingly, there are many differing styles when considering lodge furniture. Common themes include Western, Southwestern, forest/woods, and nature. Whatever décor you are drawn to, lodge furniture generally creates a more casual living space that feels homey and inviting. Lodge furniture spans across every type of furniture out there: dining collections, bedroom collections, sofas, chairs, accessories, and occasional tables.

Wood plays a central role in developing the warm, rustic styles of mountain living. Many types of wood can be used to make lodge furniture. For our area, wood species like pine, cedar, and hickory are excellent choices. These woods have beautiful graining and are striking when left in their natural colors. Generally speaking, pine, hickory and cedar are blonder in color. If this isn’t the palette you are going for, these species also take stain colors extremely well. Beyond beauty, these woods are very durable. Often times, lodge furniture is made out of solid logs and solid pieces of wood. Lodge furniture is not only unique, it’s going to perform well and last a long time. These woods make wonderful dining tables, beds, bunk beds, and occasional pieces. They can also be incorporated into the framing of your soft furniture pieces, like sofas, recliners, and chairs.

Living room furniture is an excellent place to show your lodge style. Leather is always a go-to when designing your space. Leather tanned in more natural colors, like saddle, buckskin, chestnut, or camel, are ideal tones to create the warmth associated with lodge living. Leather works extremely well on sofas, loveseats, chair and ottomans. Mixing fun, nature prints with leather is also a great way to add uniqueness to your home. Any nature print can work with lodge furniture—just pick something you like! Critters like deer, bears, elk, and fish are all great options. These prints designed in warm color tones, like browns, taupe, oranges, rusts, reds, and greens can complete your lodge style.

When choosing living room pieces, always consider the views from windows in the room. Arrange your furniture in a way that capitalizes on outside beauty. In addition, your living room pieces should facilitate conversation. Consider a sofa, a couple of accent chairs, and additional seating with ottomans or stools so your guests feel relaxed and welcomed.

Lodge style will definitely need some rustic accents and accessories. Showcasing prize antlers and mounts from family hunts are a great way to complement your design. Cow hides make ideal area rugs. Rustic lamps, wall art, vases, and table-top décor are also ways to accessorize your style.

Most importantly: you can take comfort in knowing lodge design will always be unique. It is a true reflection of your style, your interests, and the nature that surrounds you. We have an entire department devoted to lodge furniture at 5th & Main Furniture by Freed’s. Every piece of our furniture can be customized to your liking. We have tons of fabrics, wood species, and wood stains to choose from. Whether your lodge style is for year round comfort or for your summer getaway, we would love to help you outfit your Black Hills home.