Love Is In the Air

This month, love is in the air…and in home design trends! Expect to see more romantic colors and styles pop into interior design in the coming months. Hues of pinks, purples, mauves, rose gold and more are showing through in lighting, fabrics, paints, and more. Soft curves and patterns are finding their way onto bedding, window treatment fabrics and area rugs. Mixed media elements of hardwood and upholstery are coming together to make beautiful dining chairs and upholstered beds. These trends can appear more feminine in their application, however, we are seeing more intense, bold introductions of pinks and purples, making this trend more universal overall. It’s a great time to be in love with interior design!

Whimsical prints and statement shapes are excellent ways to add to the bolder, richer color palettes also trending in home furnishings. Metallic geode shapes, animal print, or vintage prints are ideal elements to introduce into the more pronounced color palettes. You are already taking a risk with ultra violet and cobalt blue, so why not add your touch of black with a zebra print rug or striking piece of wall art? You can still achieve a sophisticated look, but the bold print will add something unexpected to your space.

On the other end of the spectrum, romantic designs are trending very subtle and soft by incorporating more nostalgic shades of pinks, mauves, and burnished rose hues. These colors marry perfectly with soft, dove grays, white, and rose gold accents. Integrate these dreamy colors into your living space with area rugs, accent pillows, wallpaper, or lighting. Since this color palette can be more monochromatic, we recommend incorporating use of texture. Mixing wistful pink leather, with lamb’s fur pillows, velvet, or linen is a wonderful application to add interest without interrupting the beautiful subtlety of the overall design.

Soft curves and understated patterns are also making their way into home design trends in the coming months. Understated prints and patterns are showing up on the backs of dining chairs, accent chairs, and are being etched into consoles. This is a great way to introduce those larger, harder furniture pieces into your room. They aren’t bold, but they are beautiful, and are a perfect way to add the necessary element of hardwood furniture into your serene space without it being too harsh. We’re also excited to see these soft patterns making their way onto upholstered beds. Interesting shapes with nail-heads, contrasting fabrics and light woods are updating, traditional, tufted looks. Soft shapes are a great way to add interest and depth to your space, without interrupting the overall design.

Whether you have a preference for bold or muted, purple or pink, or gold or silver, the possibilities are endless for your interior design. Romantic colors, sophistic prints, and rich metals have never been more present. Let us help you achieve the living space you have been dreaming of.