Party On With Party Furniture!

To me, summer
always calls for
a party! Warm
weather, flexible
and sunlight
for hours is a
recipe for a get
together! However,
to be completely
transparent, I’m writing
this article at the beginning of
April. What a weird time, right? I’m currently
sitting in isolation, working from home,
craving the comfort of a social gathering. That
being said, I sincerely believe by August the
extremely frightening days of COVID-19 will be
behind us and we will be stronger and more
resilient for it. For the sake of this article, we
are going to take that stance, and I’m going to
focus on the positives of preparing for a party!
With all the fun fabrics, furniture frames, and
accessories trending these days, designing
your home with a party vibe has never been
more fun! Obviously, you are not going to
purchase a brand new living room set for one
event, however, when I think of a “party”
design style, I think of bright colors, unique
accessories, and casual motifs. It is more about
a lifestyle that says, “Hey, welcome to my
home. We like to have fun!”
Bright colors are an excellent way to introduce
some funkiness to your space. Not sure what
colors work together? Personally, I really
like analogous colors. Analogous colors are
colors that are next to each other on the
color wheel. For example, purple and blue,
yellow and orange, pink and red, and so
forth. When blended together, analogous
colors create an edgy, sophisticated motif that
shows fashion forward design sense. Want to
try something even more bold with colors?
Complementary colors are an excellent way
to add punch to your living
space. Complementary
colors are colors that are
opposite one another
on the color wheel.
For example, red
and green, blue
and orange, purple
and yellow and so
on. While complementary colors are
a completely acceptable approach
to design, it’s easy to get carried
away. It’s best to stick to one set of
complementary colors per area so
your space doesn’t become a circus.
Another fun way to introduce a
light-hearted design is through playful
prints. Now is the time to experiment
with boldly patterned accent pillows,
ottomans, or even all over fabric for
sofas, chairs and loveseats. When
mixing patterns, it’s best to pair largescaled prints with small-scaled prints.
If you do all large prints, your overall
design could easily become confusing
and over-the-top. Conversely, if you
do all small-scaled prints, your design
quickly becomes cluttered. Just
remember: opposites attract.
If you aren’t ready to commit to more
permanent decisions such as patterned
sofas, colorful dining chairs, or wall
paint, try introducing playful prints and
colors through wall art,
table-top décor, and area rugs. These
are obviously a lesser investment but
are still an exceptional way to add
some liveliness to your space.
One of the best services we offer at
5th & Main Furniture by Freed’s is the
ability to customize your furniture.
When you visit our showroom and see
a sofa, sectional, loveseat, etc., you
like the look of, you can choose the
fabric you want to re-cover it in. We
literally have thousands of options
when it comes to customization. This
means you can design a piece of
furniture that is 100% unique to you!
Beyond customization, we have a
massive variety of accessories, area
rugs, wall art, and more that you can
use to show your distinctive style.
We invite you in to our showroom to
find one-of-a-kind items that will add
some levity to your space. After all,
considering the year we have had, we
could all use a little celebration!