Spring Furniture Market Features and Finds

My favorite “work”-cation has come again: Furniture Market! Four times a year, the Merchandising Team at Freed’s/Furniture Mart and Ashley Homestore shops ‘til we drop through hundreds of thousands of square feet of furniture. We spend the week hunting for exceptional furniture, accessories, and lighting to bring to you, here in Rapid City. Every January and July, our Market trips take us to Las Vegas. Every April and October, we head to the furniture mecca that is High Point, North Carolina. Our most recent Market landed us in High Point. The selection of product and trends we are seeing did not disappoint.

Last October, we shopped and experienced very consistent trends throughout showrooms. These included monochromatic colors, touches of retro, and urban rustic designs. This Market was extremely interesting; each showroom had its own look. We did not find the overarching, similar designs we have come to expect. Rather, each showroom was a melting pot of color, pattern, era, and style. We feel this is an inspiring time for design because we shopped thousands of options that speak to every look you desire to show in your home. This article is packed with images we found stimulating, in addition to products you will find at Freed’s/Furniture Mart and the Ashley Homestore. Please enjoy; we sure did.

The spectrum of on-trend colors spans the rainbow…and it is saturated. Red, blue, green, yellow, and purple is gracing living room furniture, accents, and accessories. There isn’t a single color we are seeing the most of, rather color is being displayed at its purest shade. Saturated color is king. It adds a striking pop to your space. In your real-life application, those feeling very brave should do a complete sectional or sofa in a cobalt or jonquil. Those who want to dip their toe in these intense colors should try accent pillows, throws, area rugs and wall art featuring emerald, mulberry, or scarlet. Whatever color you incorporate in your personal design, make sure it is your favorite and reflects you!

Variation in color has also crossed over to metal. Mixes of brushed stainless, chrome, rose gold, and muted brass is everywhere. Interestingly, a combination of two to three metal shades is a new direction. This is a trend you can apply throughout your home. Do not be afraid to have stainless steel appliances, understated gold cabinet hardware, and rose gold light fixtures in your own home. These unique shades of metal can also be integrated into your space through occasional tables, candleholders, wall clocks, and wall art.

Patterns are taking a walk on the wild side! Cheetahs, tigers, sheep, and reptiles were in every showroom. Ok, not the real animals, rather their faux hides. These unique prints can easily add that punch you are looking for. Sheep fur accent chairs, throws, and pillows, add texture to your design. A crocodile-type leather on a huge living room ottoman is an extremely fashion-forward way to bring a unique and durable element to your home. Show your inner tigress through faux tiger-print accent chairs rimmed in gold. We were thrilled to see this as a current trend because of the edginess and element of fun it brings to an overall look.1

Are you dreaming a trying a new design in your home? The selection of home furnishings we have on order from Market is incredible. Now more than ever, you can tailor each piece to your desire. Please stop in to Furniture Mart (soon to be 5th & Main by Freed’s) or the Ashley Homestore to see new pieces from Furniture Market. We would love to assist you in creating your dream space.