Window Treatments that “Wow” You!

Windows are often the focal point of any given room in your home. Whether it’s the picture window centered in your living room, the window letting beautiful views in above your bathtub, or the skylight in your ceiling showing off the stars…one thing is for sure: we love to let the outside in. Windows obviously serve many purposes, however, window treatments can easily be overlooked. Window treatments have numerous benefits, both functional and aesthetic. They provide UV protection, are energy efficient, make your home look on point from an interior design standpoint, and increase the overall value of your home. The Design Studio at 5th & Main Furniture by Freed’s has an entire gallery of Hunter Douglas window treatments in addition to customizable drapery, curtains, valences, and more.  Our Design team is ready to help you add wonderful window treatments to your home.

From a practical standpoint, window treatments can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home. Hunter Douglas uses special, heavy duty fabrics and temperature regulating technology in an assortment of window treatments to help control hot and cold temperatures in your home. The Duette® Architella Honeycomb shades are the best option for energy efficiency. They are constructed with a double layer of fabric within each fabric fold, which drastically increases the power of their insulation.

In addition to energy efficiency, window treatments help protect against harmful UV rays. The sun is extremely damaging to your home’s interior. Over time, UV rays will change the color of your flooring, artwork, furniture, area rugs, and even paint color. Although windows provide some UV protection, it really isn’t enough. Window treatments help provide the necessary coverage to protect your home’s interior in the long run.

Beyond their function, window treatments add an impressive element of design to your space. Our team of Interior Designers at 5th & Main Furniture by Freed’s is create custom window treatments to soften the hard lines of your windows. One of the most common styles of custom window treatments are fabric panels that hang vertically on the left and right hand sides of your windows. Panels don’t pull together to cover your windows (like curtains), rather they hang in one place, adding height and drama to your space. You can choose any fabric you desire for panels and customize them with unique fringes, bead work, tassels and more.

Valences are another form of stunning, custom window treatments. Valences cover the uppermost part of the window. Often times, they are a great way to cover other hardware that is in place for your window shades. Valence fabric can hang loosely over the top of the window, or it can be upholstered to a frame, giving it a tight, tailored look with clean lines.

Roman shades are another type of decorative window treatment that can transform the look of your space. The fabric from roman shades tiers on top of the panel below it, adding a touch of elegance to your windows. Roman shades can be operable or non-operable.

Panels, valences, and roman shades are just a few examples of custom window treatments available to you. The options are truly endless when it comes to window fashions. Custom treatments, paired with the durability, function, and beauty of Hunter Douglas shades will add a “wow” factor to your windows. We are here to help you create window fashions that are as unique and beautiful as you and the home you live in!