Carpet Trends We Love

I’m going to get down to business: let’s talk about carpet. I love carpet, and so should you. I know, I know…hardwood floor is so beautiful, easy to maintain, and it looks better than carpet, right? Not necessarily. This article will highlight all of the exciting and impressive trends we are seeing in carpeting. Carpet, along with hard surface flooring (hardwood, luxury vinyl, tile, etc), makes for a beautiful, interesting, and texturally pleasing abode. That being said, the innovations we are seeing in carpet are extraordinary. A few trends I’m extremely impressed with: waterproof carpet, patterned carpet, and colorful carpet.

When you think of carpet, I’m sure thoughts like, “It stains so easily and it’s dirty,” continually cross your mind. Did you know, waterproof carpet is making a splash in the flooring industry? That is correct…waterproof carpet. I’ll say it again: waterproof carpet. This means you can spill your white wine spritzer, your pet can take a leak, or your children can track in water from a rainy day, and moisture is not making through your carpet down to the pad and your sub-floor underneath the carpet. When spills or accidents happen on non-waterproof carpet, moisture saturates the pad and the sub-floor. This is where moisture sits and starts to get a little funky. Odors, smells, and the general feeling that carpet is “dirty” will emanate from this area. In addition to odor, once moisture makes it past the carpet pad and into the sub-floor, there is a good chance that the spill has saturated the carpet’s fibers, making it more difficult to clean. When you spill something on waterproof carpet, the liquid actually beads up on top of the carpet giving you a chance to attack accidents before they become permanent stains. It’s pretty incredible, actually. This means you can safely install waterproof carpet in high-traffic areas, like your basement living area, in hallways, on steps, or in bedrooms. And yes, you can enjoy that glass of Cabernet in the living room, thank you very much.

Patterned carpet is also surging in popularity. Subtle patterns are an excellent way to add a touch of elegance and interest to your space. Subtle patterns are achieved through the use of cut and loop construction. Some carpet fibers are cut, which gives the carpet a shabbier look, while other fibers are looped, giving the carpet a more tailored look. When cut and looped fibers are woven together, they make beautiful patterns that can go in any shape or direction. Cuts and loops make stellar patterns, however, colored carpet is when things start getting interesting.

The sky is the limit when it comes to colorful carpet. Every color of the spectrum is available. Solid colors, patterned colors, bold colors, neutral colors—whatever you are dreaming is possible with carpet. Most people think of color in area rugs. This is an excellent application of carpet, however, color is more and more dominant in wall-to-wall carpet you permanently install in your home. We recently introduced our new Color Wall from Shaw which features excellent options for color . The Shaw Color Wall has bolds, neutrals, and everything in between. It is an artists’ palette of carpet.

When you are thinking of your next flooring project, don’t cruise over carpet as an option. Carpet is still an extremely versatile, relevant, and cost effective form of flooring. Please visit us at Freed’s Floors when you are ready to start your carpeting (or any flooring) project. We have large samples you can see, feel, and take home, to ensure they work in your space. As always, we are with you every step of the way. Freed’s Floors has expert salespeople who offer free design consultations and in-home measurements and estimates. We look forward to seeing your creative carpeting ideas!