Payment: Payment in full is expected at time of purchase unless other arrangements have been approved by store management. Each past due payment shall bear interest at the maximum legal rate, per annum after the date it became due. Submission of deposit constitutes Buyer’s agreement to the terms of this invoice. Pricing or mathematical errors are subject to revision by the Seller. No interest will be paid on the deposits or down payments reflected on the face of this invoice or on any credit balance on account. The maximum charge allowed by law will be assessed on any check returned by Buyer’s bank without payment. Seller reserves the right to demand payment by cash or certified check. If Buyer’s check is dishonored for any reason, the unpaid balance will bear interest at the maximum legal rate from the date of tender.

Warranty: NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABLILITY OR SUITABILITY FOR USE IS MADE OR IMPLIED FOR THE ITEMS LISTED ON THE SALE INVOICE OTHER THAN THE MANUFACTURER WARRANTIES, IF ANY, AS SPECIFICALLY OUTLINED IN THE WRITTEN AGREEMENT OF THE MANUFACTURER. Upholstery fabric is not warranted by Seller except to be in proper condition upon delivery. Buyer should not expect an exact match of color or grain in wood products due to natural imperfections such as knotholes, light or dark streaks and grain variation. Because all upholstered furniture is custom made, measurements are subject to slight variances. The cutting and placement of fabric is left to the sole discretion of the factory unless specified in detail on this invoice. All fabrics are first quality and have been selected from reputable mills, but since there is no warranty available to the Seller concerning wearability, dye, or color fastness, we cannot extend any warranty on fabric.

Delivery: If merchandise is picked up, the Buyer assumes full responsibility for loading and transporting from Seller and shall not hold Seller responsible for any damages to the merchandise or vehicle. Delivery arrangements should be made at time of purchase or notification of arrival of special orders with Buyer’s salesperson. Warehouse will contact the Buyer the day before delivery to clarify directions and deliver time within a 2-hour window. Customer assumes responsibility for reasonable access on delivery and that the furniture ordered will fit into the area intended.

Exchanges or Returns: RETURNS OR EXCHANGES MUST BE MADE WITHIN 14 CALENDAR DAYS OF RECEIVING MERCHANDISE. Returns after that time will be considered by store management on a case by case basis and then for store credit only. No exchanges or refunds will be allowed if merchandise has been damaged in any way or as odors, is soiled/stained or has pet hair covering the item. Any furniture warranties are non-refundable. Applicable delivery charges will be withheld from any refund amount. Refunds paid by check will not be reissued until Buyer’s check has cleared our bank (approx. 14 days). Cash purchase refunds will be issued by company check, usually within 1 week and mailed unless specified otherwise. Credit card refunds will be given the same day. No credit will be issued until merchandise is received by the store in good condition and inspected by management.

Special Orders: A deposit is required at the time the order is placed with full payment of the balance due before delivery. Merchandise ordered cannot be cancelled or modified once the order has been placed with the factory – usually within 24 hours. Special orders are items Buyer has selected for themselves and are not returnable, refundable, or exchangeable. Delivery times on special orders are based upon past experience and current commitment from suppliers. However, due to factors beyond our control, such as back ordered or flawed merchandise, general production or freight delays, and/or adverse weather conditions, we cannot and do not guarantee delivery time. Orders may not be cancelled nor deposits refunded due to delivery date.

Layaways: A 25% deposit is required on all layaways. Buyers agree to make monthly payments of at least 25% of the original balance. Purchase must be paid in full within 90 days from the date of purchase. Delivery or pickup of the merchandise must be made within 105 days of date of purchase unless other arrangements have been made. If merchandise is not fully paid within the 90 days of the date of purchase, it will be returned to stock and subject to 10% restocking fee. Any layaway cancelled after 30 days forfeits all payments made against it.

Miscellaneous: This order will be completed as described in this invoice. No variation on the terms of this invoice will be valid or enforceable unless shown in writing on this document and no oral conditions, promises, or modifications of this invoice are valid. This invoice is the final, complete, and exclusive expression of the agreement between buyer and seller. If the order is placed by phone, Buyer will be mailed a copy of this invoice. If Buyer disputes any aspect or the applicable terms of this invoice, the parties will make a good faith effort to resolve the dispute through negotiation. If legal action is taken in a court of law, and the Seller prevails in that action, you agree to pay all court costs and the Seller’s reasonable attorney’s fees.