Living the Life of Luxury

If you have recently been in the flooring market for your next home or commercial project, I’m sure you have been exposed to
luxury vinyl. Luxury vinyl is an incredible product; it comes as a tile (LVT) or plank (LVP). Luxury vinyl is made of numerous layers
of vinyl, plastic, and rigid cores, making it one of the most durable and versatile flooring materials available. The product is
100% man-made, meaning it can represent any genre of flooring. Luxury vinyl can look like wood, ceramic, or even exotic types
of flooring, such as bamboo and cork. The list of benefits of luxury vinyl is long, but today, I will discuss the top five reasons to
consider luxury vinyl for your next flooring project.

    First of all, luxury vinyl is cost effective.
    Since the product is man-made, it is
    much less expensive to produce than
    other types of floors that it mimics, such
    as hardwood or ceramic tile. The price
    points vary, however, you can expect to
    make a fairly low investment for a quality
    piece of luxury vinyl. Luxury vinyl can
    start to creep up in price when options
    like attached pad backing, thicker cores,
    and higher-end looks are introduced.
    Luxury vinyl is essentially made up
    of mostly plastic, which means it is
    extremely water resilient, and with
    some products, is even water proof.
    This makes luxury vinyl an exceptional
    option for heavy use/wet areas. Kitchens,
    bathrooms, and basements are all areas
    that tend to attract moisture. Luxury
    vinyl will not warp, delaminate, or peel
    from exposure to water.
    Obviously, the fact that luxury vinyl is
    water resilient makes it easy to clean
    and maintain. In addition, it is hard to
    stain, scratch, or scuff the product.
    This makes luxury vinyl an excellent
    option for families with pets and kids.
    You can actually live on and enjoy your
    floor without needing to worry about
    damaging it.
    There are two types of installation for
    luxury vinyl: glue-down or click together.
    In general, the trend continues to go
    toward click-together options. The
    planks click together using a tongue and
    groove locking system. Anyone with a
    little construction aptitude can install
    the product themselves. For those less
    handy, Freed’s Floors has a team of
    professional installers.
    Luxury vinyl has a long lifespan, meaning
    your investment in this product can last
    for years. Unlike hardwood, which can
    scratch and fade overtime, or carpet,
    which can easily wear, luxury vinyl is
    resilient. This makes it a great option for
    those who want to choose one type of
    flooring and stick with it.

Freed’s Floors has a massive selection of luxury vinyl. Whether you
are interested in in-stock options or wanting to special order a color
and style that is completely unique to you, Freed’s has a floor for that!
Our experienced sales staff is here to help answer every question you
have about luxury vinyl. In addition, we are here to offer free in-home
measurements and estimates. You have to see luxury vinyl in person to
understand how beautiful, versatile, and unbelievable this product is.
We look forward to seeing you for your next flooring project!