Sensational Sectionals

It isn’t a secret: I LOVE upholstered furniture. Beautiful
fabrics, comfortable cushions, rich leathers, accent pillows…
what’s NOT to love? One category of upholstered furniture
that I encourage you to consider when designing your space
is living room sectionals. Sectionals are a brilliant way to
maximize the space you have for seating. Although the sheer
size and configuration of a sectional can sometimes be a
deterrent, don’t let this scare you! The majority of sectionals
at 5th & Main Furniture by Freed’s are modular, meaning
you can literally build a sectional to your exact sizing needs.
Beyond sizing, sectionals can be personalized with fabrics,
leathers and accent pillows. A few other considerations with
sectionals are reclining versus stationary and placement in
your room.
Designing and customizing sectionals is an extremely fun
process offered at 5th & Main Furniture by Freed’s. Basically,
when you visit our showroom and find a sectional frame
that is comfortable for you, you are able to choose from
hundreds of fabrics and leathers that fit your ideal design
style. On some sectionals, you can even select the arm style,
leg color, leg style, and additional details like welt versus
welt-less styles, contrasting fabrics, and accent pillows.
Truthfully, you can create a piece of furniture unlike anyone
else’s in the world, which, to me, is a really exciting concept.
Beyond fabric, function is a key consideration when
purchasing a sectional. For the most part, sectionals offer
two types of functionality: stationary or reclining. There are
benefits that I like about both versions. Stationary sectionals

typically have cleaner lines and display
an overall tidier look. I like how deep stationary
sectionals can be, meaning I can curl up in the sectional
or lay out for an afternoon nap. Also, I like pairing accent
ottomans with stationary sectionals to add some additional
interest. On the flip-side, there are many advantages to
reclining sectionals. They help you maximize your seating
area, they are extremely comfortable for lounging and they
come with power recline options. If you have a large family
and your space is limited, I would recommend a reclining
sectional. Everyone can lounge and lay out in a comfortable
seat, when reclined, whereas space can be limited when
laying out on a stationary sectional. Additionally, all
reclining sectionals at 5th & Main Furniture by Freed’s come
with power recline options. This means you control the level
of recline with the touch of a power button, allowing you to
start and stop at your most comfortable point. In addition,
the headrest can articulate forward so that when you are in a
complete lay-flat position, you can actually tip your headrest
forward so you can view your television more easily,
eliminating the need to use a pillow to support your neck.
You really have to experience this feature to completely
appreciate it! As a general rule, I prefer stationary sectionals
in more formal sitting areas where you plan to converse,
read, and relax. Conversely, I like reclining sectionals in
lounge areas, where you will be viewing television or
watching movies.
Placing your sectional in your space is a crucial step in
the overall process. You want to refrain from an oversized
or under-scaled sectional in your
room. Luckily, most floor plans are moving to more
wide open spaces, giving us flexibility in how we place
a sectional. If you have a large room, I cannot stress this
enough: please refrain from putting a sectional directly
against the longest wall in your room! You are not doing
yourself, your sectional, or your design sense any favors
here! If space allows, you want to float the sectional toward
the middle of your room and build additional furniture
pieces – like occasional tables, sofa tables, etc. – around
the sectional. If you have a large room and plop the
sectional against the wall, your room will feel uneven and
unbalanced. Of course, if you have a smaller room, it is
completely acceptable to place a sectional against the wall.
The smaller space helps even out the large anchor that is
the sectional against a permanent wall. Not sure on what
size sectional you need or where to place it? The Design
Experts at 5th & Main Furniture by Freed’s are superb at
helping you decide on proper sectional dimensions based
on your room size.
As you can tell, sectionals are a wonderful way to express
your design creativity. Not only are they impressive and
beautiful, they provide a high-level of function for family
living. We carry a broad variety of sectionals at 5th & Main by
Freed’s, from quality manufacturers like La-Z-Boy, Southern
Motion, England, Marshfield and more. We invite you to
visit our showroom to check out all the sensational sectional
seating options waiting for their new home!