Waterproof Wonders

One of the hottest trends in the world of
flooring right now is water resistant or
waterproof floors. For good reason: when a
floor is waterproof, it is also worry-proof. So,
what is a waterproof floor? Waterproof floors
are manufactured with materials—such
as vinyl or wood plastic composites—that
are resistant to moisture. There are many
versions and styles of waterproof floors in
the market and finding the right fit for you
may take some time and research. Here are a
few things to consider.
You may not realize this, but moisture and
wood floors do not mix. When moisture
mixes with a porous wood floor, the floors
can buckle, delaminate, or swell, ruining the
floor. Aside from spills and accidents, like
over-flowing dishwashers, there are many
things that contribute to moisture build-up
in our homes. Other sources of moisture
can build over time, like humidity, steam
from showers, splashes from faucets and
more. It really doesn’t take a lot of moisture
for a porous floor to react. In addition to
warping and swelling, moisture in floors can
lead to mold and mildew, in extreme cases.
Waterproof floors resist moisture build-up,
hence their rise in popularity.
Since you can get waterproof floors wet,
your mind is probably realizing, “Hey I
bet these floors are easy to clean.” That is
correct! Because moisture stays on the floor’s
surface, all you need to do is mop away dirt
and grime. Carpet and hardwood require
a higher level of maintenance, like annual
deep cleanings and expensive solvents that
won’t hurt porous wood. Waterproof floors
are quick and easy to maintain, making them
a wonderful option for busy families with
children and pets.
If you do have children and/or pets, you
know they live hard, play hard, and are
hard on your floors. We have discussed that
waterproof floors are obviously great for
spills and accidents, however, since they
are made with strong, resilient materials,
waterproof floors are extremely durable. Due
to high layers of protective coating on the
surface of waterproof floors, stains do not

permeate the inner layers of the floor. Also,

these floors are scratch resistant and scuff
resistant, meaning your pets and kids can
run around the house, doing their thing.
There are many styles of waterproof floors.
I promise, when starting your search for
waterproof flooring, you will be impressed
by the number of options and realistic looks
available to you. Water resistant laminates
and luxury vinyl planks offer styles that look
like wood. Many manufacturers are even
able to hand-scrape the surface of these
planks, adding to their authenticity. WPC
vinyl floors are a type of flooring made from
wood and plastic. WPC floors come in both
wood and tile looks, making them a great
option for areas you would expect to see
traditional, ceramic tile, such as bathroom
floors and kitchen floors. The options are
endless when it comes to colors and styles
available to you.
Installation of waterproof floors is also
relatively simple! Many styles click together
with a tongue and groove system and
actually “float” over your existing floor.
This eliminates the need for extensive floor
prep and also allows you to go over existing
flooring, in some cases. There are also
glue-down types of water resistant floors
that work very well on smooth surfaces, like
concrete in basements.
So, what is the catch? There isn’t one!
Waterproof floors are an excellent option
to consider when thinking of your flooring
remodel. It really comes down to the lifestyle
you want to live with your floors. If you are
dreaming of low maintenance, durable and
stylish options, waterproof floors are for you!
At Freed’s Floors, we have a massive selection
of waterproof floors that you can see, touch,
and feel. We invite you to take samples home
to see how they work within your space. As
always, our expert Flooring Professionals are
here to help you every step of the way, with
product selection, free measurements and
estimates, and professional installation. With
our extensive selection of in-stock products,
we can get your home set up with worry-free
floors in no time!